Our Science

Our passion for improving the lives of patients drives our ground-breaking research in both small and large molecule modalities. We believe that advances in oncology are achieved through scientific creativity, collaborative teamwork, and fierce personal determination.

Takeda's oncology drug discovery efforts support activities from target validation and development candidate identification to clinical trial design and execution. We are truly a global team, spanning Japan, Boston, and California. Beginning with early-stage discovery, we work closely with translational scientists and clinicians to develop strategies to ensure that our therapies have the best chance of reaching patients in need.

Our focus on novel targets offers the opportunity to create transformative approaches to address unmet medical needs. We have developed industry-leading knowledge of the ubiquitin-proteasome system, autophagy, and other emerging areas of protein quality control to exploit the cancer cell's unique vulnerabilities, for therapeutic benefit. In-house antibody capabilities, in partnership with industry and academic collaborators, are enabling new approaches to biologic therapy. With deep expertise in enzymology, high-content cellular imaging, in vivo primary human tumor disease models and high-throughput combination approaches, our scientists have a strong record of accomplishment in these fields. View pathways we are focusing on.

"Our commitment to science, breakthrough innovation and passion for improving the lives of patients are stronger than ever. I am confident in our ability to leverage and expand our unrivaled expertise in the field of protein homeostasis and to build on our growing capabilities in other areas of research, such as antibody drug conjugates and immuno-oncology, thereby allowing us to effectively battle cancer in ways that have not traditionally been the focus of oncology R&D."
Christopher Claiborne, Ph.D.
Head, Oncology Drug Discovery Unit