Policies & Practices

Core Values Handbook

Our Core Values reflect our dedication to making a difference for our patients, their families and healthcare providers, and our commitment to creating sustainable value for our stakeholders. These principles encompass a value system that guides how we conduct business and build trust and confidence with our stakeholders. Our Core Values, coupled with Takeda's strong emphasis on acting with complete integrity at all times, serve as the groundwork to ensure we are successful operating as an ethical organization. We can achieve our mission only when we pursue our goals in a manner that reflects these principles.

Living Our Core Values

By living our Core Values, we are embracing Takeda-ism. Takeda-ism represents the Takeda Group's pledge to act with integrity at all times, especially when facing difficulties or challenges. Integrity refers to compliance with the highest ethical standards, fairness and honesty in conducting every activity and perseverance in pursuing ideal forms of our operations and management. We understand that what matters most is how we live our Core Values which include: Diversity, Commitment, Teamwork Passion, Transparency, and Innovation.

By the demonstrating of these qualities, we show both our commitment to building trust and confidence among all our stakeholders as well as our determination to continue to expand the business.

PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

We have endorsed the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals (PhRMA Code) and have developed policies and procedures to foster compliance with these standards. For example, the policies require that our company and our employees:

  • Refrain from offering or giving anything of value to healthcare professionals in exchange for prescribing or recommending the prescribing of any of our products. Kickbacks, bribes, rebates or any kind of benefits intended to induce prescribing are prohibited
  • Have a legitimate business need and sign a written agreement with each healthcare professional from whom we obtain consultation or other services that reflects fair market value payment for services we receive
  • Only provide items designed primarily for the education of healthcare professionals or patients. Gifts and entertainment may not be provided
  • Promote our products in a manner that is balanced, accurate, not misleading and is consistent with the approved product label and regulatory requirements
  • Only promote our products for a specific use in a country after that country's regulatory authority has authorized to market the product for that use
  • Respect the confidential nature of prescriber data and use it appropriately to facilitate communications with healthcare professionals in a manner consistent with our policies

Reporting Ethical Infractions

Comments, concerns and complaints regarding our ethics and integrity as displayed in our policies, practices, activities and events, or individual conduct can be reported to our Compliance and Ethics HelpLine: 866-469-6566 or website: mpi.alertline.com